Arrivals, Departures, Appointments, etc

Volume Ref: CPK_1929_M007000

  • A Bill to Regulate the making of Loans to Local Authorities by the Government of the Colony, the repayment thereof, and matters incidental thereto
  • The Diseases of Animals Ordinance
  • Provincial Reogranisation
  • The Local Government (District Councils) Ordinance, 1928
  • The Local Government (Municipalities) Ordinance, 1928
  • Department of Agriculture
  • Uganda Government Ivory Auction Sale
  • The Crown Lands Ordinance
  • The Bankruptcy Ordinance
  • In His Majesty’s Supreme Court of Kenya At Nairobi
  • Balance Sheet as at 31st May, 1929
  • Kenya and Uganda Railways and Harbours
  • Notice
  • The Registration of Trade Marks Ordinance