East Africa and Rhodesia Newspaper of March 10,1955, Issue No. 1587

Volume Ref: EAR_1955_M036816

  • Communist speakers in Great Britain are using the amnesty offer made to the Mau Mau gangsters(whom they call nationalists) to spread the worst kind of misrepresentations about Kenya. The local Communist a seemingly educated man, put the following three questions: one, ”is the speaker aware that 15,00 innocent and unarmed Kikuyu patriots have been shot down by European troops in Kenya?”, two ,”is the speaker aware that thousands of Kikuyu have been condemned to death merely for taking that Mau Mau oath?” and three, ”is the speaker aware that these alleged Mau Mau oaths are a European invention for the purpose of discrediting the nationalist patriotism of the Kikuyu?”