A Bill to Authorize Further Increases under, and otherwise to Amend, the Pensions (Increase) Ordinance, 1945, and to Continue that Ordinance in force as Amended

Volume Ref: CPK_1949_M008906

  • Contents
  • A Bill to authorize further increases under, and otherwise to amend, the pensions (increase) ordinance, 1945, and to continue that ordinance in force as amended
  • The Wakf Commissioners Ordinance Appointment
  • The Eastern African Court of Appeal order in council
  • Unclaimed Deposits-Resident Magistrate, Kisumu
  • Forest Department
  • The Companies Ordinance, 1933
  • Customs Department of Kenya and Uganda – Sale of Goods by Auction
  • The East African Customs and Excise Department Order, 1949
  • The Air Navigation (Colonies, Protectorates and Mandated Territories) Order