Appointments, etc. - Nairobi Libraries Archive

Appointments, etc.

Volume Ref: CPK_1923_M008443

  • Appointments, etc.
  • An Ordinance to Impose Temporary Restrictions on Former Enemy Aliens acquiring Interests in Land
  • An Ordinance to Provide for Perpetual Succession to Land
  • An Ordinance to amend the East Africa Identification of Prisoners Ordinance, 1908
  • An Ordinance to provide for the Manufacture of Beer
  • An Ordinance to amend the law relating to the Sale of Wines, Spirits and Malt Liquors
  • An Ordinance to Amend the Stamp Ordinance, 1923
  • Obituary
  • Notice
  • The Destruction of Court Records Ordinance, 1916
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