Arrival, Departures and Appointments, etc

Volume Ref: CPK_1923_M008443

  • Arrivals, Departures and Appointments, etc.
  • An Ordinance to Supply a Further Sum of Money for the Service of a period from January 1st, 1924 to 31st December, 1924
  • An Ordinance to amend the Revised Edition of the Laws Ordinance, 1921
  • An Ordinance to Amend the Estate Duty Ordinance, 1918
  • An Ordinance Further to Amend the Liwalis’ Courts Ordinance, 1921
  • An Ordinance to Amend the Game Ordinance, 1921
  • An Ordinance to Impose a Tax on Cotton
  • An Ordinance to make better provision for the Protection and Improvement of the Coconut Industry
  • An Ordinance to make provision for Maintaining and Improving the Quality of Cotton in the Colony and Protectorate of Kenya
  • The Kenya Cotton Ordinance, 1923
  • Notice
  • Notices and Advertisements
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