Government Notice No. 411: Rent Control Board (Contents)

Volume Ref: CPK_1952_M008746

  • Government Notice No. 411: Rent Control Board (Contents)
  • Government Notice No. 409: A Bill to Entitled An Ordinance to Amend the Local Authorities (Recovery of Possession of Property) Ordinance, 1951
  • Government Notice No. 415: The Animal Diseases Ordinance (Cap.213)
  • Government Notice No. 422: The Immigration (Control) (Exemption) Regulations, 1948
  • General Notice No. 985: The Kenya (Native Areas) Order in Council, 1939
  • General Notice No. 910: The Crown Lands Ordinance City of Nairobi SITE FOR HOTEL
  • General Notice No. 1004: Ukamba Liquor Licensing Court
  • General Notice No. 1014: East African Customs and Excise Department
  • General Notice No. 1015: The Land and Agricultural Bank of Kenya
  • General Notice No. 1016: The Transport Licensing Ordinance
  • General Notice No. 870: The Native Lands Trust Ordinance BUSINESS PLOTS, KISII TOWNSHIP
  • General Notice No. 1020: Nyanza District Council
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