Govt. Notice No. 179 – Non-Circulation of the Florin Coins in Kenya – Currency Notice re

Volume Ref: CPK_1922_M008748

  • Govt. Notice 179- Non-Circulation of The Florin Coins In Kenya – Currency Notice
  • Government Notice No. 179 Currency Florin Coins In Kenya
  • Government Notice No. 185 Executive Council Appointment
  • General Notice No. 475 Notice
  • General Notice No. 481 In H. M. Supreme Court Of The Colony And Protectorate Of Kenya At Mombasa Insolvency Jurisdiction Cause No. 6 Of 1922
  • General Notice No. 233 His Majesty’s Court Of Appeal For Eastern Africa
  • Unclaimed Cargo Lying In The Kilindini Customs Go downs Over Four Months and Twenty One Days -( Contd)