Honorary Consul of Sweden

Volume Ref: CPK_1949_M008906

  • Appointments
  • The Mining Ordinance
  • Vacancies in Tanganyika Territory
  • Probate and Administration
  • The Fraudulent Transfer of Businesses Ordinance, 1930
  • The Trade Marks Ordinance, 1930
  • In His Majesty’s Court of Appeal For Eastern Africa
  • The Townships Ordinance
  • His Majesty’s Forces Pensions and Gratuities (African Naval Personnel) Regulations, 1949
  • The Defence (Control of Electrical Development) Order, 1949
  • The Currency Restrictions Exemption (Amendment) Order, 1949
  • The Defence (Control Of Prices) Regulations Petroleum Products Order
  • The Defence (Control of Prices) Regulations, 1945

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