Proclamations Nos. 3 -4- The Diseases of Animals Ordinance

Volume Ref: CPK_1930_M006922

  • Arrivals, Departures, Appointments, etc
  • The Diseases of Animals Ordinance
  • A Bill to make provision for the Prevention of Adulteration of Food and Drugs
  • The Roads Protection Ordinance, 1924
  • The Legislative Council Ordinance
  • The Companies Ordinance
  • Notice
  • Kenya Defence Force
  • Under the Medical Practitioners and Dentists Ordinance
  • The Crown Lands Ordinance
  • His Majesty’s Court of Appeal for Eastern Africa
  • The Bankruptcy Ordinance, 1925
  • The Registration of Trade Marks Ordinance
  • Notice
  • A Health Exhibition
  • Notices and Advertisements
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