East Africa and Rhodesia Newspaper of April 07,1955, Issue No. 1591

Volume Ref: EAR_1955_M036816

  • The Sudan Government is understandably annoyed that a leading London newspaper and the B.B.C should have published an allegation that the Sudan Railway Workers’ Trade Union had refused to allow the harbor authorities of Port Sudan to send rescue party to a 6,200-ton British motor vessel, La CHACRA which was stranded on an uncharted reef in the Red Sea about 100 miles from the coast.
  • The part was strike-bound at the time, but as soon as an S.O.S. wireless message was received, the port manager asked the local branch of the union to supply 10 men of different trades to help in the rescue work. While preparations were being made, a signal reported that the vessel was no longer in danger hence not further action necessary.
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