East Africa and Rhodesia Newspaper of January 27,1955, Issue No. 1581

Volume Ref: EAR_1955_M036816

  • The new surrender terms offered to the Mau Mau gangsters by the government of Kenya were sharply criticized on the day following their publication at a meeting held under the auspices of the South Kinangop District Association attended by Mr.Michael Blundell ,minister without Portfolio and settler member of the War Council (other member of which are the governor,the deputy Governor ,and the commander-of-chief).
  • By 89 votes to two the meeting passed the following resolution:”That the meeting condemns as utterly shameful and foolish the terms of surrender now offered to the rebels,exempting murderers from prosecution ,and records lack of confidence in the War Council,the conviction that its membership must be changed,and that exemption of murderers from prosecution must be terminated forthwith.”
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