Weekly Comment newspaper issue 296 of May 12 1955 - Nairobi Libraries Archive

Weekly Comment newspaper issue 296 of May 12 1955

Volume Ref: WC_1955_M044793

  • A district officer was called in one morning to try and deal with a sit-down strike in some cotton-grinding factory.He arrived and found the labourers squatting on the floor ,refusing to work and refusing to explain to the owners why they were on strike.He advised the employees to appoint three delegates whom he would receive at a given time the next morning to examine the question of their grievances.Next morning the three chosen waited upon the District officer and when he opened the proceedings by asking them to state there grievances ,he could not get them to talk ,then one who appeared to be the leader suddenly exclaimed”we have no grievances;we were told that if we were members of a Trade Union we could strike. So we joined a Trade Union and went on strikes!”
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